8. my favourite things (Part I)

i’m a happy person. or at least, i actively try to be happy, every single day of my life, because i’m also sad almost all the time. i’m human. so as maria von trapp said in the sound of music, when i’m feeling sad, i think of my favourite things. here’s some of them:

  1.  when you shower under hot water and you feel alive.
  2. petting dogs with cute ears
  3. when the sky is purple and pink and blue and you melt into it.
  4. the silly way ducks walk, it’s absolutely ridiculous
  5. warm hugs
  6. DEER
  7. proving your worth to people who underestimated you at the start.
  8. surprises.
  9. dancing all night with your favourite people (ceilidhs <3)
  10. running around with friends and laughing like children.
  11. small acts of kindness which absolutely make your day.
  12. when people remember small little details of things you’ve told them
  13. getting it right the first time!! or the fifth time!! or the hundredth time!!
  14. gangs of sheep
  15. paris
  16. audrey hepburn movies that AREN’T breakfast at tiffany’s (sorry that’s my least favourite)
  17.  music that reminds you of why you love music
  18. waking up even after the darkest of days

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