13. i’m good

my favourite shakespeare movie adaptation is kenneth branagh’s much ado about nothing. i could watch that film every day and never tire of it. really.

i was running to an audition today for something that seems more like a dream, and as i swam through the edge of york to the university, i said to myself, this is what you do for things you love, this is what you do for things you love. yes. this is what you should do for things you love. crawling down hills for one precious singing lesson, staying positive despite the dull rain, and walking through streets you never knew could exist in this world. that’s what you do for your art, for the thing you love the most.

after a long journey i got there. finally.

i rushed into the ladies’ and i tried drying my loafers under the dyson. it didn’t help much. all my makeup had pirouetted around my face gracelessly and i looked like a wet dog. my hair was frizzier than normal but just as curly, and my mascara had wandered off.

when i felt a bit more dry, a bit more safe, a bit more collected, i picked up my stuff and ran to the second floor. it was the loveliest audition i’ve ever been to; everyone was absolutely lovely and kind and i felt very comfortable. i think i did my best.

i remembered that this building was also used for the christian union events. that’s where we had my legendary, first ever ceilidh. i don’t think i’ve been happier than i was that day since i came to this city. how i love dancing and how love to dance with others – i live for those moments of bright red english cheeks and laughing with boys you’ll never see again over choreographed country dances. it’s such fun.

you know, gaskell had not prepared me for yorkshire. i thought the north would be cold and unwelcoming and full of byronic heroes who look like richard armitage, and yet it’s been lovely. very green, very fun. my nail polish dries quickly and i eat too many instant noodles, i love soap&glory and i wear toooooooooo much pink. also – faux fur coats? lovely jazz nights after uni choir? friends you can laugh with, friends you can cry with, friends you can sing with – lovely little routine we have.

beethoven is kanye. end of story.


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