14. my pain is my own

i waste my azure mornings in colours that don’t match (add green to the mix)

i waste my evenings chasing sunshine

i waste my heart on the ones who swear they love you and then block you, on boys who use you and abuse you, on people who can’t feel what i do, as though i’m soulless, and they try to tear me down. i’m not bitter at all and i don’t blame anyone. i’m not a child to accuse them – my pain is my own.

forget about trying to impress the boy you like or trying to do something to be liked and admired. no, no, scratch that. you shine.

yes, you heard me.

hear hear.

you should try your best to SHINE brightly as your own self, do everything that YOU want to do for YOURSELF, and whether love follows or not, you’ll be a complete person on your own either way. seriously.

relationships are stupid and love is hard but self-love is the greatest love of all. whitney said it best.


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