28. to serve man

a friend said to me recently that her mum would always tell her, when something doesn’t make sense to you, re-evaluate. when something doesn’t work out, re-evaluate.

i thought of my bucket list, all the things i want to do, and i realised, there’s nothing on it. my goals were always to be in love with the whole wide world, to go to paris, and to fall in love (with a human person) at least once.

i had to google it to find things that sound appealing: dogsledding and northern lights, ziplining, skydiving, bathe an elephant, feed endangered animals, whale watching, seeing a caterpillar turn into a butterfly, zorbing, explore caves. i’ll do them all, whether or not i’m in athens or london or ethiopia or wherever.

some things i’d already done, like wrapping a snake around my neck. no, this isn’t a dig at some old friends; L took me to a reptile store and we spent hours literally petting snakes. it was fun. 🙂

i googled more things: how to be happy. all those things, i was already doing, i already was. the earth is nearing the sun, no, it’s not. another dimension. apparently, we taste like chicken, but you taste more like a lily, said the painter. it hurts on the awkward side of the body, i say as i swallow brussel sprouts and the psychic cat starts baking on my heart.

IT’S A COOKBOOK!!!!!!!!!

ATH > LDN tmrw


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