31. le bonheur le plus doux est celui qu’on partage

there is no superior happiness to the one i feel when i notice someone else’s happiness. the good news, ringing like a bell, made me giddy, despite oversharing. i hid my friend’s shoe, we all played card games and laughed, is it possible to have such good friends?

i hushed the wolf: shh, it’s alright. i was still buzzing from the good news.

it was never easy for me to make friends when i was younger, however now it feels as though the world is made of friends, one after the other,  at the baggage carousel and on the side of the lake and in the library. i can’t even describe how i feel because i don’t know: all i know is that we’re alive, really alive.

these friend, they’re not full of shame, touchy or short-tempered. the irascible filter through which older friends saw past friendships terrified me, but with them i can be myself. they praise the good and try to fix the bad, they support & love & hold. they fight, without cowardice or judgement.

i can’t believe my luck. 🙂


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