My boyfriend’s in prison

White walled, maximum security, solitary confinement for a month for starting a riot within the prison. Combined we have got only 300 rubles; I spent most of my money paying for the trip. Now he’s at the Katorga. I hate the czar, I hate this system, I hate everything: I know I’m not supposed to be like this, I was raised differently, but I hate what they’ve done to Perchik.

Siberia means the endless sleeping land.

Anatevka, Kiev, Moscow, Ekaterinenberg, dozens of cities, until my journey was done.

I had heard that the Jews here were not so strict about tradition; they don’t visit the Synagogue, they work on the Sabbath. Maybe I’d find someone to work for, and I long for the day my love is free and we take over the world. It is the greatest work a man can do.

Marya Harzfeld was the first friend I made in Yakutsk.

Five months done, around three or four more years to go. That’s not so long. By then I’ll have raised enough for us to go to Moscow and change everything.


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